February 21st, 2006

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New Long Game(s)?

I'm planning something a little odd, I think...

I'm going to start a new game. Well, really I'm reviving an old game that never got off the ground: Patterns of Chaos, my prehistory Amber game. But instead of getting a large group of people together I'm going to run it as a set of one on one games. (Not adverse to running a group, but not wanting to organize it either.) I already have one and a half characters.

Basically everyone will run around doing their own plots on the basis of "whenever we get together", with organized get-togethers for a session or two when/if PCs encounter each other. I'm open to doing this online as well, for interested parties.

I intend this to run for a long time: potentially years. Not every character may last the entire duration of the game though. Each new character simply starts in a world already altered by the older ones. It'll be generational, possibly even becoming something similar to Zelazny's Amber and a new and interesting Patternfall War...

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