March 27th, 2006

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Odd Moment

Ever been reading a psychology article and start thinking about how many things in it apply to yourself? I have to admit, it was kinda odd.

Asperger syndrome

"many people with Asperger syndrome have difficulty with eye contact"
"Asperger syndrome can involve an intense and obsessive level of focus on things of interest [...] computers, maths (particularly specific aspects, such as pi), astronomy"
"Asperger's often manifests extremely sophisticated reason, an almost obsessive focus, and great memory for apparently trivial facts"
"clearly capable of outperforming their peers in their field of interest yet persistently unmotivated to do regular homework assignments"
"often are noted for having a highly pedantic way of speaking, using language far more formal and structured than the situation normally would be thought to call for"
"Another potential source of humor is the eventual realization that their literal interpretations can be used to amuse others"
"Some may even be pathologically sensitive to loud noises"
"Asperger syndrome usually leads to problems in social interaction with peers. These can be severe, especially in childhood and adolescence"
"There seems to be a strong correlation between those with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism (HFA) and the INTP type of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)"
"The Asperger's child is unaware he is being bullied and believes he has a true friend, while the "normal" child and his friends are laughing at him."

Do I think I have Asperger Syndrome? Not really. I think it falls under my general idea that most psychological problems are normal human behavior carried to extremes... I note that several of the above behaviors are noted under the general Gifted article. Although the very specific behaviors and tendencies were somewhat striking.

I really don't know. Random thoughts as I head towards sleep at the end of an irritating and thought-provoking day.

The Asperger article's mention of the MBTI made me try to remember what my "type" ended up being when I took the test in high school. INTP just sounded too familiar to me. So I went to look up the one indicator that I can reliably remember: Prayers (apologies for the YELLOW background there). Turns out I was an INFP. Close.