January 1st, 2007

bish, smile

New Year's

This year's element is fire.

Went to Binghamton's First Night, saw some very good shows. The first was Hilby, who I've seen at the Maryland Ren Faire. He was funny as always.

Next was a great juggler named Greg Kennedy. He did great great stuff. Very David Copperfield-esque, with lighting and music. He juggled lighted balls in a large clear bowl, juggled bowls around the floor, juggled inside a circle, did Poi, and more.

After that we saw not very good chinese magicians who were labeled "Chinese Acrobats" in the schedule. Blah. Although there was one Geobat (never left the floor) who spun parasols and rugs with her feet. Kinda neat.

Finally was the bonfire and fireworks. Amazing. Huge fire, with columns and sheets and tinges of green in there. It was alive and mesmerizing, like a good fire should be. My first thought apon seeing it was "Look at all the pyreflies." I don't know where I got that word, but it's a great description of the floating embers spinning above a large fire.