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Benabik Alvar
09 January 2007 @ 01:05 am
I've spent something like seven hours in the pool this weekend. Nothing like swimming when it's 40 degrees out. Yay heated indoor pools!

Why was I in the water that much? (Other than "because it's there", of course.) Because I'm getting PADI Open Water Diver certified. btoblake and I are going to Key Largo to dive in Pennekamp coral reef with my family this month. We're spending a few days getting the book work and "confined water dives" (read: playing in the pool) out of the way so that we'll be certified divers by the end of the month. Neat, huh?

Apparently there's some nice diving along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Much warmer than you'd expect for around here because it skims the nicely warmed surface of Lake Ontario. And they do drift dives down the Niagra. Get shuttled up the river and drift downstream looking at the fishes and stuff down there.

And I have Mario Kart DS. Sweet.
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Benabik Alvar
09 January 2007 @ 08:29 pm
The iPhone is here!

And OMG it's shiny! Multi-touch screen (like a normal touch screen, but handles more than one touch at a time), no buttons, thin, powerful.... SHINY! Shame it's a few months off, Cingular only, and $500 (w/ 2 yr contract, of course).

Time Magazine also has an interesting article on the creation of the iPhone.
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