January 31st, 2007

bish, smile

Murphy Strikes Again

People always say you never close when you expect, so I shouldn't have been surprised....

Went to a B-Day (not for me) dinner and movie last night, which kept us out late. My dad called and told me that my real estate lawyer had e-mailed him that the money transfer hadn't gone through for the down payment. Gwar! Why didn't he call? Grr.

So we get home late, I set the alarm for 7ish for the 8:30 closing and crashed. This morning I woke with a start at 9. Uhhhh.... Turns out my alarm was set for 7 PM. Bleck. So we rush to the bank attorney's office. Turns out the money was there, we signed a bunch of paper, and then we were... done.

I own a house! Cool!

Moving is likely to be the weekend of the 11th or 18th. Housewarming is going to be around the 25th or 4th. Details to follow.