January 10th, 2008

bish, smile

Sickness, Power, and iPhone

Well, I had a "great" four day weekend. Saturday was, well, a day. But sunday was lost in fever dreams until 5 PM or so. Then the hunger pangs and other pains kept me up until all hours of the morning. Monday was decent, with only a mild fever that faded away. The wife and I actually went to see a movie. The recovery was not to be trusted. Tuesday morning I took her into work only to return home and toss and turn with a 101+ degree fever. Conciousness did not return to me until 8. And I didn't even stay up late to make up for the lost hours, although that was somewhat delibrate so my sleep schedule would not be completely FUBARed.

That night, Rochester was given a wonderful showing of wind power in the form of 75 MPH winds. The noise and glut of sleep made for interrupted sleep. Sometime around 5, I looked out our bathroom widow to see a shower of sparks go across our backyard neighbor's yard. Not a good sign, but I still had power.

When I actually woke up, for good, everything seemed fine. We were a little slow getting up, but seemed like a normal day. Then the power went out. And stayed out. We got moving and the day went on. I stayed home for a while, hoping the power would come back on in the afternoon... and waiting for a package. My new phones! Brand new Nokias that would be our transition to AT&T.

About mid-day I decided that waiting around in the dark sucked, went out and got a hot lunch and... my iPhone. Completely useless until I could activate it. Sat around home for a while, took a nap, got my package! Steps to activate: charge, call, done. Starbucks should have power! And Internet!

So a couple hours of charging later, I discovered.... activation is not that simple. Fought with automated system. Talked to techs. Becky walked over from work. Aaron showed up so we could have dinner. Finally determined: I never turned off my old phone. D'oh! Can't transfer a number that's in use. Details.

Old phone off. New phone on. Works. iPhone plugged into computer. Activate. Wait. Test. WORKS! Sync. Wait. Wait. Test... No music? Activate music syncing. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Hunger. Wait. Oh, yeah... Didn't Aaron show up to have dinner an hour ago? We should do that. Heh.

So, long story short (too late!), I have no power and an iPhone. This is a good combination as I can still stay in touch without having a home. We've temporarily moved to a friends house so we and the kitties don't freeze. Last I talked to RG&E, we were scheduled for Saturday. Which, to me, makes sense. Our entire neighborhood has power except for us and a very small number of our neighbors. They're getting the larger outages first.