March 11th, 2008

bish, smile

Short Updates: Q, iPSDK, SSBB

Went to see Avenue Q last week. Arrangements were made last minute, but we saw it with darkvalor and his girl. But we got decent tickets: Orchestra Left Center, row P. Was every bit a good show as I expected, with lots of gut busting moments.

Downloaded the iPhone SDK. Finally. Apple took down their own server telling people that the 2.1 GiB disk image was available. The size really worried me until I discovered that it was actually a full development kit install, with a new version of Xcode and the base OS X SDKs as well. I haven't done anything with it and uploading a program, even to your own phone, requires you to register and pay $99. But if I come up with any clever ideas (and spare time), now I can make it. At least the SDK itself is free, so I can wait until I have something good to distribute/use before paying up.

SMASH! Super Smash Bros. Brawl is out! It's an excellent addition to the series. Subspace Emissary is freaking long. Been playing Subspace a lot, as I believe many of the characters can be unlocked just by playing it through. Several levels are irritating though, and have required me to die just to find out what will kill me. (Seriously: the button drops the floor out from under me and I have to use Lucas? Aaarg!)

I don't really know who else has a Wii, much less SSBB but here's the magic number: 2234-6822-4440