April 14th, 2008

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Taxes, Money, Productivity, and Fourth Ed.

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I've had a productive day today... Dealt with money matters, got a cat toy (the same one elasmo has, and the kitties love it), got anti-scratching stuff for my nice chairs, did laundry, did dishes, installed a magnetic latch on the cabinet door the cats keep opening to eat the toilet paper inside... And I've been doing some work too!

It's a big multi-tasking day. Also been listening to music in the background, adding ratings and lyrics to the songs. Good stuff.

Ran a D&D 4th ed mini-adventure called Raiders of Oakhurst, made by a crazy guy over at EN World. It went pretty well. As far as I could tell, the players had fun. We went through about four encounters in four or five hours. Which I think is pretty good considering that: (I'm in a list mood today)
  • I was the only one familiar with the rules
  • We had a complete D&D newbie in the group.
  • One of the encounters had something like two dozen participants (in a couple of waves, but still).
  • The last encounter was a dragon three levels higher than the party.
darkvalor commented that there was a little of an MMORPG feel with the marks and powers on various "cooldowns", but that that wasn't necessarily a bad thing (since both of us rather liked WoW for a while). Everyone said that their characters seemed "too cool" for first level. Too many hit points and too many neat options for that early... And that's good by me. First level was boring and fragile in 3.x.

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All in all, I am pleased and am looking forward to getting that boxed set in the mail. I may post a detailed playtest report later tonight... But don't count on it.