May 7th, 2008

bish, smile

Random updates

Was driving through the rain when my wipers gave out. That's always exciting. Was less than a minute from home, fortunately. Took the car to the shop, as it needed an oil change anyway. Also had them look under the car for whatever was hitting the tire when I was turning... Turns out that was the axle failing. Oops. Well, got it fixed anyway. The wipers was just the fuse, they started working just fine on the way home. Stopping working, not so much. Had to pull the fuse (found my pilers) to get them to stop. Back to the shop. :-(

I want a new car. Windshield has lots of little chips. Body lots of dents. No antenna for the radio. The right side mirror is falling off. The driver's window keeps breaking (won't go up). And with gas creeping up to four dollars a gallon, I'm eyeing the extra ten or fifteen MPG the Prius gets with envy. Plus there's a Prius next door for me to ogle. The real shame is that even though my Civic is slowly falling apart, it's going to be reliable for several more years, so I don't have a good reason to replace it.

Becky and I saw Iron Man last Friday. It was awesome. The suit was cool, the character solid, and them music rocking. And wait until after the credits when you see it. Marvel Studios is off to a great start. Gives me hope for the new Hulk movie.

Just wanted to share this frame from Digger: