July 8th, 2008

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Random thoughts

Don't have a lot of time, but thought I'd post one or two things.

Flash: OMG, Flash pissed me off. Did you know that Flash maintains a separate history and cookie mechanism from your browser? Did you know that any website you go to can store 100kB of data on your computer? Did you know that this includes ads? Gwar. Plus, in order to turn any of this off, you have to go to an Adobe site. Why couldn't this be available from somewhere on your computer?

Everyone should go and turn off "Allow Third-Party Content To Store Data On Your Computer" on this page. That's just a horrible default.

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Monster Rancher x Final Fantasy Tactics + iPod = Song Summoner: It's a $5 game on your iPod that allows you to make soldiers from your music and fight with them on an isometric tactical grid. Listening to your songs powers up your soldiers. I want a version for my iPhone.

McCain (this'll be brief): Heard a blurb from McCain on NPR this morning spouting the usual Republican nonsense of "I'll cut taxes". Hello? We're in the middle of an expensive war, trying to give people money to support the economy , and are running up a deficit anyway. We need those taxes so the government doesn't run the country into the ground with debt. Be realistic, please.

What Should You Really Fear?: A quick quiz from Wired, asking some questions about mad cow, suicide bomber, chemicals, and the like. Food for thought.

Okay, back to work for me.