September 25th, 2009

bish, smile

PlayStation 3

Got my PlayStation 3 today. It came in an XBox 360 box. Not sure if either Sony or Microsoft would really approve.

Had Uncharted ready to play... But disciplined myself and got some work done instead. Not a lot, but that's not entirely the PS3's fault. Transferring databases is a bit of a pain... But, anyway...

Uncharted is pretty. Water is good and I love the color fade to B&W when you take damage. Combat's pretty exciting, if regularly frustrating. It's a lot like Tomb Raider with less girl-power eye candy and more dopey guy.

Playstation Home appears to be Second Life with more corporate advertising and less point. Get to stare at the stuff branded for various games and movies. Exploring a bit, buying some free stuff. Guess if I wanted to talk to a pile of people who all had PS3? Eh. The Namco Arcade would be pretty neat if I owned the Namco game pack.

Life with Playstation (a/k/a Folding@Home) is kinda neat. I have it set to run for an hour if I leave my PS3 on the menu for 10 min. Basically contribute a little bit if I leave it on and not doing anything.

I hit the PSN Store and downloaded a pile of demos. I can see how you chew through hard drive space if you own a few games. Some aren't all that inspiring, for example the Katamari Forever demo is pointless if you've ever played any Katamari game before. However the Batman and Ghostbusters demos were awesome. Ghostbusters was a lot like the movie. Having the original voices really adds something to the experience. Batman is... awe-inspiring. Flat out brawling is just fun, with the bits where you lurk near the ceiling and stealthily take out baddies one by one just make you feel like Batman.

Edit: Oh, and the LittleBigPlanet demo shows that they have an awesome sense of humor and design. I want that game more now, although it looks like it's more fun if other people have it too (or I have more controllers).