November 13th, 2009

bish, smile

My Poor Menubar

My poor little menu bar is being taken over by icons. I've had to eject the volume meter (I just use the buttons on the keyboard) and remove the day of week from the clock to keep it from getting to be too much.

(From left to right)
announces iTunes songs and can fetch lyrics for them
Stores quick notes, images, etc etc. Got it from the MacHeist nanoBundle and am giving it a shot. Wonder if it would be more useful if I paired it with the iPhone app.
Also from MacHeist. I have been tracking Twitter via RSS. Wondering if this will be better. Unlikely to use it for posting since QSB can do that already.
Google's Quick Search Box
It's a reasonable replacement for QuickSilver, able to find things on my computer and interact with them without touching a mouse.
ClamXav Sentry
Watches my Downloads folder and runs any new files from it through the opensource ClamAV. Hasn't caught anything yet, but I tend to be fairly careful about cruising the net.
I keep it there for my Mighty Mouse. Nice to be able to disconnect it quickly. Not terribly useful otherwise.
Time Machine
Made of awesome.
Not the most awesome AIM client I've ever used, but I like how it integrates with Address
WiFi, Battery, Clock
Self explanatory, I'd think.
Fast User Switching
I'd take this out since I'm the only person to use my computer 99% of the time, but there's no other way to switch to the guest account without logging out.
Sadly underused since I keep things fairly organized and use QSB. Very useful for the occasional "Where did I save that again?"

I'm sure very few people care, but I felt like sharing.