September 30th, 2010

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Science Good, Republicans Bad!

(To be clear, up front, I mean the Republican congressional candidates not everyone who votes for the GOP.)


Okay, we'll set aside for the moment "Whoa, Benabik is posting on his LiveJournal" and "Whoa, Benabik is posting politics" (something I tend to avoid just because it just tends to piss off somebody and I don't want to deal with it).


So, on one hand we have encouraging news. In Ars Technica's article "How much do people trust scientists? Depends on the topic" I see great quotes like:

  • The survey found that scientists represent a very trusted source of information, ranking 3.98 out of 5 on its scale. When broken down by specific topic, three topics garnered a higher response than the overall score: evolution (4.3), renewable energy (4.08), and the origin of the Universe (4.0).

  • [A] clear consensus among the respondents was which spending should be cut in tough economic times to save scientific funding.

  • This brought the worldwide totals to about 80 percent of the respondents saying that they were sure that "humans are significantly changing global climate," leaving only 10 percent saying no and 10 percent saying that they are unsure.

And that's not even just the US getting lost in a worldwide survey! 72% of US respondents said they trusted scientists about climate change! Awesome!

But then I read the Bad Astronomer's "Every single Republican Senate hopeful is against climate change action" and see:

37 seats are up for grabs in November, and of the 37 Republicans ([...]) running for these seats, not a single one supports taking any action on global warming.

I.. But... GAH! Scientific literacy, people! The world has warmed by nearly a degree in the last century! This is significant and likely caused by the industrial revolution and our carbon output! We're looking at another degree of warming over the next century! This is changing viable cropland, animal habitats, and fresh water reserves! The oceans are 30% more acidic! We're losing our coral reefs and fisheries!