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I'm not a maid...

...but I play one at my house. ~.~

Blarg. Cleaning the kitchen, how fun. I wouldn't mind cleaning if other people would do it on a regular basis. However, I seem to be the only person who cares if the kitchen is clean or not. I just cleaned out 3 moldy (Eeeew) bottles of salsa con queso and a pot of canned ravioli at least a day old (tomato-based stuff gets really nasty if not at least rinced out).

Also took the pile of dishes off the stove (I dunno why they were all there instead of, say, clean) and going to wash those next. I am not my roommates' mothers. If I were, I'd send them to bed without supper.

No, I'm not blameless, but when I have to throw out or clean moldy stuff that I know I didn't do, I get annoyed. Especially since I think I'm the only one who would do it. *sigh* Kevin runs the dishwasher occasionally, but the only time I've seen him actually clean was when I prompted him to do it.

Mood is from watching clumps of mold go down the sink from the salsa. Bleck.
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