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Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday, I started my game. Stressful. Understand now why STs burn out so fast. Too much crap. Got started at least, lots of newbies. Running around like mad to put flyers up actually worked out. Got newbies. Is good. Hopefully this game'll work. ~.~

Sunday, kinda celebrated. Got steak and cake and prezzies. Colleen got me Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Very odd game. Start out in something approximating the present and the kids read a magic spell and talk about how they love Final Fantasy. Then they get warped to Ivalace. Oy. AWC got me GTA: Vice City! w00t! Good game. Bex got me a Zits anthology thing. Zits is a good comic. I think I want to subscribe to the Washington Post just for it's comics section. And, finally, Robin got me Mauve. When I was in DC last time with Mike and Tristan, I saw a book called "Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color that Changed the World". I thought it was one of the strangest things I've seen. And now I own it.

Today: Playing GTA, and problby working a little bit on my game. Need to sort out plots and work on Mentors. Wheeeee... Apparently half the game is 10th Gen though. Oy. *hits head* Will tell people to change that if I don't get backgrounds from them.
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