Benabik Alvar (benabik) wrote,
Benabik Alvar


Haven't posed for a while, thought I write some stuff down.

Applied for a part-time job at the Pita Pit. Probibly cooking/delivery. *sighs* 10-20 hrs/wk. Not a lot, but I need cash.

Need to re-write my resume. Need to do a serious job hunt.

Been depressed, withdrawn. Would rather sit around the house reading than doing anything productive. Doesn't help that am nearly out of money and Westbrooke is pulling bullshit about 280. Looks like I'm not going to get the security because they "evicted" me... or at least that's my guess as to why they'd file paperwork to evict me days after I gave them the keys. *sighs*

I'm not as bad off as this probibly sounds. Haven't eaten enough today and adding that to my light funk has put me in one of the worse moods in a few weeks.
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