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Random Walk

It's not just a algorithm, it's my life. ~_^ Well, more like it was a large part of my day.

Dropped Becky off at work, drank Starbucks (Tall Mocha, yummy.), finished book (The Cat Who Played Brahms, good). Then left and started to head home. Except that shortly after leaving I realized that I wanted to go to Wegmans (which was in the other direction). So I decided to just go forward for a while. Ended up in Pittsford by the State Canal Park (or something like that), right at Lock 32 of the Erie Canal.

I watched a boat go through the lock twice. Was some sort of tour company with a bunch of elementary school students in it. Watching the lock in action is pretty cool. Can see the water welling up and draining away. Takes a bit of talent to keep a boat from ramming up against the side too. Kinda interesting.

Then started taking a walk down the canal. After a while I switched to a lesser used, unpaved, trail along an old canal. Walked for a while, listening to a random selection of tunes from my iPod. Ended up walking all the way to the shopping plaza on Monroe. Very nice Wegmans there, the part I walked into looked more like a cafe than a supermarket. Got a little bit to eat and juice and continued my wanderings.

Came upon a road and decided to try to use it to find my way back to the main canal... French Rd, I think it was. Walked all the way to Brighton before finding a sign for Lock 33. I think French road runs mostly parallel to the canal. Was in Henrietta when I reached the Lock. My knee hurt pretty bad by this point. Dumb knee. I shouldn't have a bum knee at 21. ~.~

I also hadn't planned on walking for miles when I started the day. I had skipped finding socks to get out the door a little bit faster. Usually not a problem, especially when I just plan to come right back home, but now I have a couple spots on my feet that nearly want to be blisters. I need to buy better shoes. ~.~

Oh, the iPod cut out about 3/4 of the way through. Ran out of batteries. >.<

When I got back to my car, Robin called me on my cell phone. Chatham was with her and had some info on a co-op for next quarter. Rushed over to RIT (hampered by an accident on Jefferson) and met them. Got a transcript and a printout of my resume and went to John's office. Had a mini-interview with his boss and was told that interviews would be in a week or so. Hope I get it...

Random thought: What should I use as the abbreviation for Silver Insanity? The options I came up with are:

  • SI: Obvious. Always makes me think of Sports Illustrated though

  • AgI: Ag is chemical symbol for Silver

  • AgIs: Adding another character from insane. Makes it pronounceable.

Any other ideas?
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