Benabik Alvar (benabik) wrote,
Benabik Alvar

Homosexual Quiz.

I'm not gay, but if I were...

Which Famous Homosexual are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Can it, Warhol!

Not traditionally remembered as a gay artist, you - together with the Factory, your band of fellow artists - created such memorable works as the repeated Campbell's soup paintings and Eat: a forty-minute film of a man eating a mushroom. You also were responsible for the Velvet Underground, the band that launched Lou Reed on the world.

Your body of homoerotic art has also suggested, to many art historians at least, that your sexual preferences lean towards the man-meat variety. The way you dress, do your hair, act and speak also affected a generation of gay citizens, and influenced the mass culture forever. Blah.

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