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Sleep and Watches

Didn't sleep the night before last because I was writing a midterm paper. Managed to finish it around 9AM because I had procrastinated and gotten distracted. Really need to stop that.

HOWEVER... I passed out just before 8PM yesterday. This means I miss anime club, but it does mean something else. Mostly that, combined with the fact that I just got up around 10AM I am now caught up on sleep. This is good.

However, my watch appears to be completely FUBAR. Tried to turn the alarm on it off and the display blanked out. Opened it up, pulled the battery, and put it back together again. Worked, but the time was wrong. Pulled the crown (it's a Timex digital with a crown to set the time) and the display went all funky for a while before, you guessed it, going blank. *siiiiiiigh*
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