Benabik Alvar (benabik) wrote,
Benabik Alvar

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Things that would be nice for my cube:

  • Tissues. I hate nosebleeds
  • Pretzels/other snack food (Had Cheerios, but ran out..)
  • Diet Pepsi (I stash it in a drawer for when I need the quick boost of caffeine.)
  • AC adapter for my cell phone (so I can take this one home)
  • Rear-view mirror for my monitor (I hate getting snuck up on)
  • Photos (Lots of blank cube/desk space)

I walked into Starbucks this morning to get a coffee (was sleepy) and the Barista just looked at me and said "The usual?" Do I really go to Starbucks that often?? I didn't think I did... o.O

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