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Firebird Extensions

Alright, so I wasn't all that impressed by Firebird overall... Until I grabbed a few extensions. Most of these are also available for full Moz, I believe.

CuteMenus v0.3
Okay, not useful exactly, but kinda nice.
Dictionary Search 0.1
VERY nice, but need to find a way to add it to RadialContext (see below)
mozCalc - 2003.0113.0
Disabled - Interesting, but is is useful?
Popup Count 0.2.5
Useful information to have. Although according to Popup Test it doesn't count all of the blocked popups. Although that may be because those popups use IE specific code.
QuickManager - 2003.1022.0
VERY cool. Makes download windows turn into little progress bars at the bottom of the window.
Power-user must. Adds "Advanced Preferences..." to Tools menu. Need to find that obscure setting in prefs.js? This'll do it for you. Like about:config
Things They Left Out []
Basically, its things they left out of the Options dialog. Adds "More Options" to Tools menu. Lets you set things like MIME-Type handlers, how much animated images should loop, languages... Useful stuff.
Popup ALT Attribute
Pretty useful. Lets you see the ALT text for images, which I like.
CTC (Context Close Tab)
Adds a new item to the context (right-click) menu for pages: "Close Tab". Not as useful with RadialContext (already in the pie menu), but still nice to have in the normal menu.
Disabled - I don't like it with RadialContext enabled, but otherwise nice. Kinda duplicated in Tabbrowser Extensions, but lets you use the scroll wheel to switch tabs anywhere in page. (hold right mouse button, move wheel)
Tabbrowser Extensions
Too many features to list, really. Wayyyy too many. Things I like: rearrange tabs with Drag & Drop, double click tab bar to open new tab, undo close tab (re-opens last closed tab) with middle click on tab bar, change tab by scrolling with mouse over tab bar
Paste and Go 0.2
Lets you paste the clipboard into the address bar and go to it with Ctrl-Shift-V, or search on it with Ctrl-Shift-X... Says it adds context menu items, but doesn't work for me. Update: Must have needed a restart or something, 'cause the context menus have "Paste and Go" in them now.
RFEs: Configurable shortcuts (Ctrl-Shift-K for search, to make Ctrl-K for focus to search bar).
WML Browser v0.4.1
Um, I don't remember downloading it. Might be useful though.
Lets you do a few odd things with the current URL. Popup block control appears broken (doesn't break the blocker, but doesn't let you control it).
JavaScript Console Status 1.0
Shows an icon in the status bar if there's a JavaScript error on the page. Nice in theory, but it doesn't appear to work. ~.~
Utility extension, needed by a couple others... I think.
Download Statusbar 0.8a
Must have. Turns download windows into little progress bars at the bottom of the window. Uber-useful.
RadialContext (11/02/2003)
First off, I love pie/radial menus. Instead of a long list of things when I right click, now I get a quick set of commands just by moving the mouse in the right direction. If I hold down the button, it works just like gestures, but with visual feedback and help. Very professional looking too. Just need to figure out how to integrate "Dictionary Search" and "Nuke any Object" with it. Although I can still get at the old context menu with a Ctrl-Click. Update:More RFEs, another RFE
Most Useful Feature: hold-Right, move left, Left-click (or right-click, move left, alt-right-click) to go back to the first page for that tab. Browsing through deeply structured web pages or many posts on a fourm? Go back to the front page instantly! To put to the best use, open a new tab with the root (front, most important) page before browsing a site.
RFEs: Image:Unblock Server, disable Tab:Close Tab with only one tab open (or integrate with Tabbrowser Extensions pref), disable Navigation:Up with at top level of site, option to disable Scroll menu, option to change "Save As" to "Save" (saves to default folder), way to go back up the menu hierchey (sugg: click in center).
Tabbrowser Preferences
Disabled - Just a couple options to control Tab Browsing. Use Tabbrowsing Extensions instead.
Flash Click to View
Getting annoyed at flash ads? Install this! Replaces flash things with a button that shows the flash when you click on it.
Nuke Anything 0.1
Remove ANYTHING from a page. Paragraphs, images, whatever. Kinda interesting.

Also using the "Orbit Blue" theme, which is a bit of an improvement over the default IMHO.

Now I wonder what kind of extensions I can add to Thunderbird. Wish I could get all of the Inboxes/Trash/Junk in one place like Mac Mail. Basically want any "special" folder to be grouped together in a top level node instead of split out under the servers.

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