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Code Obfuscation

I'm impressed. I'm using an "Early Access Preview" (EAP) version of IntelliJ at work and just got a debug message in the console window...

com.intellij.compiler.d.a: Compiler dependency information on disk is corrupted.
 Rebuild required.
        at com.intellij.compiler.e.g.j(
        at com.intellij.compiler.e.g.h(
        at com.intellij.compiler.e.g.a(
        at com.intellij.compiler.b.a.b$i_.b(b$
        at com.intellij.compiler.b.a.b$$
Caused by:
        at com.intellij.util.g.k.a(
        at com.intellij.compiler.d.u.(
        at com.intellij.compiler.e.g.j(
        ... 4 more

Exception com.intellij.compiler.d.a? d.a??? In function j in class e.g? Wow. I really really hope they just strip function names out of their code before compiling for the masses... If I had work on code labeled like that I'd be... horrified.
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