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Switched LJ clients

So, along with the switching of OSes comes the switching of programs. Basically, I used this opportunity to clear out crap I don't use... Got back a gig of HD space, although some of that might have be less apps installed through fink... Almost switched to Darwin Ports instead of fink but their dependency resolution just doesn't stand up to dpkg.

Oh! For you Mac users who want some of the nifty stuff I've talked about in fink but a) don't have the Developers Tools installed or b) don't want to wait for all those compiles, fink does have binary packages. Instead of using the "fink" command in Terminal, you can use "dselect" or "apt-get".

Using Preview instead of Adobe Reader. Wayyyy too tired of Reader's load time. o.O

Bought Diablo II. This doesn't sound like a switch but the purchased copy replaces a borrowed copy, so now I can get on without conflicting CD-Keys with luzzi.

Now using xjournal instead of pheonix_lj. Pheonix is a RealBasic program instead of native Carbon... Xjournal just seems a little faster, and a little slicker. I like the options being in a drawer. I kind of miss WYSIWYG editing, but I'm fine with using raw HTML codes. Heck, I typed them in by hand half the time anyway.

Ummmmm..... Using bash instead of tcsh, mostly because that's the new default in Panther. Eh. Less powerful completion. *sighs* *shrugs*

Using fortune when I open a new Terminal window, because that amuses me.

I wish debfoster was available in fink 10.3. Was useful to keep track of dependencies...

Um, that's it.
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