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Why I love B5

"Excuse me, I need to see Draal."
"Oh, Draal is very busy! Have had four ground quakes on other side of
planet. Damage to weather control system, to great machine."
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"Zathras work here. Zathras were born here. You work up there, Zathras
work down here. You dress like that, Zathras dress like this."
"That's not--"
"Just covering *all* possibilities. Zathras does not want you being
confoosed. Bye."
"Hey! Wait a minute! You are not supposed to be here. We left you
a thousand years in the past."
"No! We have never met before. But Zathras very pleased to be meeting you."
"No, we *have* met."
"No. Oh. No, noo. No no. You did not meet Zathras. You met *Zathras*."
-- Ivanova and Zathras in Babylon 5:"Conflicts of Interest"
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