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Holy Crap

I just lost my GPG secret key...

For future reference, this key:

pub  1024D/59A83855 2002-02-24 Brian Gernhardt <>
     Key fingerprint = 9E69 825E 6566 FA29 79FB  2EC1 B55C 4ADB 59A8 3855
uid                            Brian Gernhardt (RIT Student) <>
uid                            Brian Gernhardt (RIT CS Student) <>
sub  1024g/D1C50A3B 2002-02-24

Should not be trusted. I can't revoke it, unfortunately, because that requires the secret key. ~.~ And I don't think I have a copy of the revoke cert anywhere.

Bloody hell. Stupid "rm -rf ~".... Stupid "defaults" command creating a directory named "~".

Update: My new key (ID, fingerprint, and downloadable public key) is now available from my school web page.

Update 2 (8:13pm): Found a printed out copy of revoke cert, typed it in, and uploaded it to
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