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Love Hina and AirSkaven

Okay, so music sounds really strange when your headphones are only mostly plugged in... Good to know my Love Hina music hasn't been screwed up.

Went to MediaPlay for their Triple Points night. Spent $150. Have ALL of Love Hina now, including all specials and Love Hina Again. Also got The Saint and Ten Things I Hate About You. Good movies, got them at a bit of a discount. Should have another $25 Replay certificate coming my way after this. ^_^

Watched darkvalor play WarCraft III last night. He was teching for Gyrocopters. It was just wrong. They're near useless but so cheap!! I swear it's a Skaven strategy... Worthless mooks, but we can throw them at you so fast you can't possibly win.

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