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Con Report

Eh, figured I might as well post a post-Otakon2K2 wrapup, since I just read 2 on my friends list. But, first I think I'll put down more recent stuff.

Had to be up wayyyyy too early today. As much as I hate the daystar, I really despise having to wake up before it is in the sky. Blah. Drove to Buffalo at four-something this morning to get Jen to her six-something flight home. Blah. Well, I managed to get a ten hour nap when I got back home, and Jen's moving to Buffalo State in three weeks (more or less). Still... blah.

Have a presentation due tomorrow on Stephen Hawking. Figured tonight might be a good time to start. Maybe.

Friday: Off to a good start. Left Rochester around 9AM or so. Plus the trip ended up being shorter than expected. Only 6 hours. ~.~ *sigh* Probably should have taken at least one turn with the driving, but the trip home is longer (seven or eight hours to get to VA) and I was the only one who even had a clue on how to get there. (Plus, I was the only one awake for a good deal of the trip.)

I still find it rather amusing that Becky came on only a few days notice... I was half-kidding when I invited her. *chuckles*

Got to Baltimore without incident... Getting around Baltimore was a different matter. I just followed where the traffic went and, by more or less pure luck, saw our hotel on the left. Of course, I was on the right and had to do a fun spin around a block to get back to it. Checking the parking tags, we pulled in right after Cyrus, Jed, & Tristan. Got to the lobby when they were at the front desk getting our room. Good timing on my part. ^_^

Got to the con after carting stuff up to the room, introductions, and a showing of a couple amusing AMVs on my computer (love my PowerBook). There was no pre-reg line, so Jen & I had our badges in a minute or so. Then we went to laugh at the people in the at con reg line. Becky I didn't laugh at since she didn't know she was going... But Jed was talking about going a month before I was sure I would be, and I pre-reged. Ah, well. I laugh at him! BWA-ha-ha-ha!

Oh, yeah... should mention the money situation. I pulled out $100 before leaving Rochester. Figured I'd try to limit myself to that so I didn't blow too much money. Well, I went through about $20 of that in food rather quickly. Then I shelled out another $40 to help cover the cash deposit for the room since Jed couldn't use his credit card. Then $42 for parking. This was all before I even got into the con. Yeah, do the math. I was out of cash before entering the con. Not a good sign.

Started out going to the WebManga panel. Interesting to see how people got started and their thoughts on how it all works. Probibly woulda been useful to me if I ran a webcomic. But I don't. Bah. A group of cool guys though, and piro only had to tell the crowd twice that it wasn't an MT panel.

Next was MAT3k. Pretty amusing. Wonder where they dredged up that... thing they showed. Horrible stuff. I think it was a series too. Gurk.

After MAT3k, most of us agreed that food was a good idea. However it was something like 10:30, and the only place we could find (after a long walk to try a couple fast food places) was the Cheesecake Factory. We lost Jed & Cyrus on the way (they went back to the con), and I ended up in a bad mood, for reasons not going to be posted here on LJ. Missed Bad, Anime, Bad, but got food.

Very long night after that too... Blah, wish I could have slept instead. The sleep dep I built up hit me kinda hard on the way home. ~.~

Saturday: Got up earlier than I wanted to on Saturday. The curtains in the hotel room did nothing to keep out the rays of the daystar, and being a basement dweller normally, I couldn't deal with it. Bah.

Went to the dealer's room first... But I was out of cash so didn't buy much. Consoled myself with the thought of going to MediaPlay to pick up some stuff next week. Borrowed a bit of cash from Jen to cover two wall scrolls though. One Love Hina (wai!), the only one I could find that didn't have people in dopey poses and blushing too much, and one from Slayers Try. That should help cover up my rather dull walls. Also saw Steve Bennet again. Met him at ACEN a few months ago and spent a while hanging out 'round him... Jen's friend Julie knows him or something. He actually recognized me, which surprised me.

Went to Artist's alley and looked at a few of the pretty pictures. Saw Artboy there. Was wearing my RWAG shirt, which he designed. Kinda cool. He was in the LARPs I played in freshman year. I think he graduated or something and moved away though. Eh. *shrug*

Jen & I were feeling a little light-headed and decided that food would be good. Grabbed Becky&Tristan and Jed and headed to the food court over in the Inner Harbor. Before heading out, we made a quick sweep of the Video Game room to try to find Cyrus, which ended up with me getting memorized by a game called Rez on a PS2. Have to pick that up. It's pretty, both visually and audibly.

Ended up doing lunch too late and missed Nani Nazi MegaTokyo (or was that Nazi Nane? I forget). Well, we didn't miss it exactly... We were back at the con before it started, but not before the line was insanely long. Jed vanished in here, somewhere. Darted down stairs when we weren't looking or something.

Moved on to the Masquerade and watched all the CosPlayers. Some really good skits, too. ("Bowser! Bowser! Bowser!") ("I will call it... Chibi-Mog.") Only left me with one question... WTF is with Chair? Very amusing, but huh?

Left the awards to get in line for Late Night with MegaTokyo. They fixed the technical problems they had with the flash, and added animation. Pretty neat. Kai was still making piro IRC and hit his head behind his back. Very cool. Also showed off the new black T-Shirts they're going to sell. I think I'll go get one sometime. Becky's bag of stuff ended up being useful too... She tossed them tape to use on Dom so he couldn't take off his pants. Very good thing. Very amusing panel.


Sunday: Slept in by the expedient of covering my head with a sleeping bag and plugging my ears. Wish I hadn't been on the floor though. Blah. Tristan, Jed, and Cyrus wondered over to some other hotel (I think) for breakfast. Becky, Jen & I just grabbed brunch from McD's in the mall attached to our hotel before wondering over to the con. Let us sit around a bit extra and chat too.

Got over to the con just as the Anime Music Video Contest tape started. All the other showings of it conflicted with other stuff, so this was the last chance to check it out. Some really good stuff in there. Bebopping stands out in my head (want a copy of that!). Two good videos to "Life's Gonna Suck". A verrrry amusing Speed Racer one... wha else? A couple Oh! My Goddess movie ones that I loved (that movie's pretty. need to watch it again). Oh, yes... And a Bebop/Trigun one with Rockapella's (need CDs or MP3s of them...) Folger's commercial. Good stuff.

Well, that was it. AMVs took us to the end of the con. Split up from Jed, Tristan, & Cyrus and headed home... with a minor detour though Godiva's for some chocolate. Yum.

Stuff I left out: Somewhere in here we tried to watch "Magical Shopping District something-or-other". Those subbers need to be shot. 8 point font and semi-random color changes? GAH. It's a shame too, because they did such a great job subbing random signs. But if you can't read what people are saying, oh well. Ddn't help we were near the back, but still it was too small.

Went to see Avalon instead. Film by a Japanese director, filmed in Poland, with Russian actors. All about an online game. Full-immersion stuff, like the Matrix. Stuff about what's real and what's not. Nice slow music too, put me to sleep a couple times, so I didn't get the full impact. Oh, well. Was pretty and thought-provoking.

General Con Feelings: Better organized than ACEN, I think. If nothing else the space was better for it (that bottlenecked hallway in ACEN always annoyed me). Didn't watch any anime, but I go to cons for panels and stuff like that. Can watch anime at club. Becky got along with my friends from home as well as (or better in one case) than expected...

Kinda annoyed that I only saw 4 people I knew though. Shared a room with Tristan, Jed, & Cyrus... Spent most of the con with them. Good stuff. Met up with Mark from RIT a couple times, too. Woulda liked to have at least been able to say "Hi" to Nicole, Sean, or Lorien though. I know they were all there. Hm. Maybe I should have tried to yell at people beforehand to have dinner together or something. Bah. Oh, well.

Now, back to work...
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