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Sound of Music

I'm back in Virginia now to watch the Sterling Playmakers production of The Sound of Music. Went to a performance tonight, in fact.

Wow. All I can say is wow. They've outdone themselves. If you can manage to drive to Loudoun County, Virginia, GO SEE THIS SHOW.

The girl playing (well, one of them. There's a second one that will be on tomorrow I haven't seen yet) Gretel is just sooooo adorable. I want to kill her. Too cute.

Mother Superior has a set of windpipes on her. Good grief. Apparently her body mike went out for her two versions of "Climb Every Mountain". I couldn't tell. A rich, sweet tone, too.

And the girl playing Liesl, a friend of mine named Katie, is just so sweet. And her singing voice is so clear. Surprised the heck out of me. I didn't know she had that hiding in her. She's rather pretty too, but she's taken... Sorry, guys.

My friend Brian (there's too many of us! ahhh!) plays Max Detweiler, and just has too much fun with the part. "Oh, and I do love your money." Beth, playing Baroness Schraeder, has fun too. She was able to scare a little girl and drop the temprature of the auditorium several degrees with some of her looks. O.o

I'm so glad I came home for this. Have to go back on Mon b/c of a final on Tuesday, but eh. It's also nice to see everyone again. Even if everyone does have to comment on my hair. Someone threatened to attack me with a pair of sissors. I think he needs to die. (He also suggested I shave it, but I think I might get killed if I do that...)

Oh, well... It's getting rather late. I think I'll watch 1776 on DVD and see if I pass out in the middle...
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