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My Weekend...

Came back from a week back home in VA and immediately turned around and drove to meet my g/f's family. Whoo.

My parents came up with me and we all (parents, g/f, & me) had lunch. Went well, I think dad likes her, but mom.... mom was quiet. *sighs* Blarg. I'm just going to have to call them up and talk to them about it and see what they think.

The drive down to Bex's mom's was fun. Lots of random discussion, as usual... Was a tad nervous when I got there, but her family's (the part I met anyway) rather friendly and I relaxed right quick. They're kinda like my own family on a wacky day.... But, of course, Bex says they were behaving themselves. O.o *chuckles* Apparently they like me though, so it's all good. ^_^

School's starting soon and the first RWAG should be tonight. In fact, I should leave rather soonish. Yay.... Let's here it for being in charge of a rather disorganized club. O.o

But life is good. Yeah. Very good.
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