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My Week...

or... Why my legs hurt and I'll have skin cancer. Also wedding, Potter, and start of classes.

This week I've spent a lot of money. But rent and other such such things are good things.

Tuesday was a bike riding day... Rode out to Greece Ridge mall, got a drink, and rode back. Took a few hours. Raised my bike seat, oiled the chain, and it still works very well. Just need to figure out if I can raise the handlebar. The seat's a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so.

Wednesday was cleaning. Cleaned up the kitchen, scrubbing the counters. Might mop floors later. Or not. The rest of the house needs vacuuming.

Thursday was "Get Brian's Car Fixed" day. The front end had started shimmying rather badly at highway speeds... Turned out that the steel belt had started showing out of the rubber on one of my tires. We qualified this as a bad thing. Replaced both front tires, got an inspection and a tune up. Good stuff.

While my car was getting fixed, i went for a bit of a walk. Just a few miles. Stopped by a couple of pretty parks near Fairport. There was a path along a creek that would have been great except that it was blocked by a mudslide not too far away from the park. Blah, boring. Ended up slightly lost... Got turned around because of all my detours through parks and neighborhoods. Mom called eventually about something else and I had her use Mapquest to get me there directly. My car was ready and I had to get to work otherwise I just would have sorted it out on my own.

Yes, get to work. My last day was last Friday but they wanted me to come in and help train my replacement. Talked her through the structure of the code I had been working on and talked with Jason about the stuff I had done just before I left. Supposedly they're going to pay me for that too. ^_^

I should basically have all the money from my job next week (was waiting for a paycheck)... So now I get to figure out if I have enough money to last through summer. O.o

Off in Albany (or thereabout) for a wedding on Friday. They're Becky's friends and I didn't really know any of them. But they're gamers and pretty cool so it's not too bad. Next weekend I get to drive home for the wedding I'm going to stand up in... Not mine, but Joe's, my long time friend. Should be interesting.

Saw Potter 3 twice in a single day. First was a 12:01 showing in Rochester, then a 10:40 showing in Albany. Most of the wedding party went to go see it after the rehearsal. Pretty good movie, but not great. Left out a little too much explanation. Left out almost everything about Harry's dad. Was worth the 8 bucks, but not worth the second 8 bucks even though I did notice a few things the second time I didn't notice the first.

Started classes today. I only have a 2 hour break instead of a 4 or 5 hour one like I originally thought. Oh well. But two of my three classes are 5 week ones. w00t. I have to write two 5 page papers for Senior Sem, but that's double-spaced and whatnot so shouldn't be too bad.

Enough rambling. I'll have a post up later about some gaming stuff I'm thinking about.
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