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When it rains it pours

James is dead, for at least a while. For those of you who don't know, James is my car. Thursday morning there was about an inch of snow on the ground, Was taking Bex to work, as usual, and crusing down the mostly clear I-390 when a moving van sized truck fishtailed ahead of me. I decided to get out from directly behind the slowing and slighty out of control truck and I musta hit the same damn patch of ice...

Back end slid left, right, left... Started to get it under control when I hit the guardrail of the overpass (390 going over Chili, for those in Rochester). Slid down the passenger side, bounced, spun 180 , slid down the driver's side, spun perpendicular to to traffic and started going forwards. God that was fun. Went across 3 lanes (2 normal plus the exit lane) and the guy going down the left lane avoided my nose (God is good...) as I spun to face down the road. (That would be a complete 360 clockwise for those keeping track or just curious.) The engine was dead and the wheels locked all the way right so I just flipped on the flashers and sat there.

Cop eventually came and called a tow truck to clear the highway. GEICO is sending out someone to look at it soon. It isn't going to be cheap or easy... The driver's side was torn up something fierce and the engine was leaking evil looking green stuff. Backy and myself are both fine... My neck and back have been a little tense, but that's just stress and shock not any sort of injury. No other cars were involved so that's nice and simple. Hopefully this won't kill my insurance rates. No accidents or tickets before now, so that should help...

That was the rain. Here comes the pour...

On Thursday, there was a fire at Becky's place. She found out Friday (for those who don't know or haven't guessed by now, she spends most of her time at my place) from an e-mail from her roomies. She finally went over to see what the damage was today... What happened? Well, a pipe froze and maintance used a blowtorch (or something) to heat the pipe to fix it and did a damn good job of heating it... Enough to apparently burn out the bathroom, Becky's closet, and a good bit of the kitchen. About a third of her stuff is gone, another third out in the snow (the firefighters tossed it out there apparently), and the last third is sitting in the remains of her room.

And today... Today I get handed a phone with a crying Kitty on it. Spent most of my day talking to her. *sighs* Any more details can be given out by those directly involved.

And I was so happy...
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